Worst-Case Scenario

A Veronica Mars Challenge

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The Worst-Case Scenario Challenge
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This is me getting onboard the challenge bandwagon. Because I like challenges and (hopefully) you like challenges and what better way to indulge in our shared joy?

Veronica Mars is a P.I. right? A smokin’ hot P.I. who gets into more than her fair share of trouble each week. So this will be aptly named The Worst-Case Scenario Challenge.

- Fic must be 1,000 words to be considered
- This challenge is for all Veronica Mars pairings. Hell, pairings aren’t even required.

Sign up will be open for three weeks, ending on Monday, March 20th. I will be sending out the assignments as you sign up so the sooner you sign up the sooner you can get started on that wonderful fic I know you’re going to write. You may still sign up after March 20th but you’ll have less time to write.

All fics will be due on April 13th (Thursday) by midnight PST. Please post your completed fic here.

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